Technology Is Slowly Ruining Us And Here Are 20 Pictures that Will Prove You That. Terrifying!

We live in a very advanced century where technology is all around us. We witness new devices coming out every day to haunt our lives.

We were all scared this might happen sometimes and I guess it’s too late now.

I’m not here to judge you or something like that because we all bring our own decisions.

Are you a slave to your smartphone?

I just wanted to share something with you that I found on the Internet.

It will take a few moments, but it will tell you everything you need to know about technology and people.

We are slowly ruined by new technology and we are still not aware of that.

We need changes.

Tell me what will these pictures teach you after you see the last one of it.

1. Some doctors be like:

Some doctors be like

2. wow


3. What the…


4. Watching movies is not the same…

Watching movies is not the same

5. Updated Parents

Updated Parents

6. True


7. I can’t believe this…

Totally right

8. This is you

This is you

9. Anything can happen on the beach…

This is actually funny

10. Smartphoneship


11. Smartphone addicts be like:

Smartphone addicts be like

12. Selfie disease

Selfie problems

13. Sad truth

Sad truth

14. Reality


15. Kids these days

Kids these days

16. I remember when Family gatherings were fun

I remember when Family gatherings were fun

17. Evolution


18. Every new user

Every new user

19. Even at the game? – C’mon now now people!

Even at the game? - Cmon now people!

20. Babies too?

Babies too

Funny? Sad? … How do you feel?

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