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24 Fashion Mistakes We All Made In The 1990s… I’m Trying To Forget #9.

When I see my photos from the 90’s, I can’t help it myself but laugh with tears. I know fashion is changing and evolving every day, but this is something we all need to have in our photo books.

You know, just in case.

Back then, these clothes seemed pretty good idea. We never thought that this style would serve as a central comedy piece in future.

But you know what? – We didn’t care.

Every different era or a decade has its style they are remembered for. There was the disco era with the bellbottoms and hight waist bottoms, the rock era with leather clothes everywhere, and the 90’s.

Everyone remembers the 90’s era. What? – Don’t you?

Don’t worry. We got you covered.

1. Track Suits

2. Shoulder Pads

3. Popped Collars

4. Platform Flip Flops

5. Peace Frog Shirts

6. Parted Bowl Cuts

7. Parachute Pants

8. Overalls Over One Shoulder

9. One Earring

10. JNCO Jeans

11. Hypercolor Shirts

12. Goth

13. Golf Visors

14. Fanny Packs

15. Chain Wallets

16. Butterfly Clips

17. Bucket Hats

18. Brightly Colored Rave Attire

19. Bowl Cuts

20. Big Goofy Hats

21. Baja Hoodies

22. Baggy Shorts

23. Backwards Hat

24. Acid Washed Everything

Do you remember this style?

Source: LifeBuzz

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