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This Toddler is Only 20 Months Old And Rock-Climbs Better Than Any of You. She Started Doing This When?

Hello, I’m Ellie Farmer and I started rock-climbing when I was 8 months old.

This is probably what she will tell you if you have the chance to meet this toddler.

This is absolutely amazing.

Her mother revealed that she couldn’t even walk when she started climbing up.

Ellie started walking when she was 10 months old.

If you asked yourself what made her climb rocks maybe the picture below will show you the answer.


Yes, both of her parents are rock climbers. It’s in her blood.

Her mother, Rachael, climbed rocks three days before she came to this world.

Everything started when her parents built a mini climbing wall in her room.


According to her mother, falling from the wall ends up with a cute giggle and then she starts climbing again until finishing the route.

Rachel added that her love for climbing is her own.

Their work is to provide a safe environment and give their support.

Here is Ellie in action:

And if you didn’t believe that she started from “an early age” here is Ellie climbing a wall at 8 months old.


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