These Colorful Wedding Outfits From Around The World Will Leave You Breathless! 

Beauty and tradition. That’s all I have to say about these wedding outfits. It’s not all about the white colored wedding dress. This is something unique that will catch your eyes and take your breath away.

You can see there are variations of the dress that come from the country’s culture. That’s how the wedding is celebrated with great occasions with rich, vibrant, and elaborate dresses and veils.

However, it’s not just the dress.

There are other tweaks to the dress like jewelry and embroidery that spark this unbelievable respect towards country’s tradition. I want to warn you. These breathtaking pictures and moments could influence your decision what to wear when this particular day comes.

Wedding in India

Nigerian Brides


Ghana Wedding

Kazakhstan “Kidnapping the Bride.”

Wedding in Japan

Mongolian Women

Scottish bride

Romanian Wedding

Chinese Wedding

Gorani region between Kosovo and Macedonia

Women in Norway


Peru Bride

Russian Wedding

Traditional Wedding Dress in South Korea Called Hanbok

Malaysia Wedding

Bali Wedding

Jakarta Wedding Influenced by Chinese Culture


Have you ever witnessed something like this?

Source: LifeBuzz

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