These Are the Weirdest Food Specialties Americans Enjoy Eating

Okay not all of the Americans want to eat these food specialties, but some people really enjoy  these dishes.

You can always say these people are insane for eating this, but you can’t blame them for having a different preference than you.

I will probably try some of these specialties, but maybe some other time.

It would be really great if you tell us whether you tried some of this food. What’s the taste like? Can you describe it?

Like it or not, it’s good to know what kinds of specialties other people eat. I assume these are some local food recipes that are considered as “eatable” across America.

1. Sloppy Joes

1. Sloppy Joes

2. Scrapple

2. Scrapple

3. Tater Tot Casserole

3. Tater Tot Casserole

4. Red-Eye Gravy

4. Red-Eye Gravy

5. Chicken Gizzards

5. Chicken Gizzards

6. Ambrosia Salad

6. Ambrosia Salad

7. Doughnut Burger

7. Doughnut Burger

8. Green Bean Casserole

8. Green Bean Casserole

9. Peeps

9. Peeps

10. Chicken and Waffles

10. Chicken and Waffles

11. Pickled Pigs Feet

11. Pickled Pigs Feet

12. Gumbo

12. Gumbo

13. Jell-O Salad

13. Jell-O Salad

14. Grits

14. Grits

15. Cincinnati Chili

15. Cincinnati Chili

16. Olive Loaf

16. Olive Loaf

17. Deep-Fried Butter

17. Deep-Fried Butter

18. Burgoo

18. Burgoo

19. Koolickles

19. Koolickles

20. Chitterlings

20. Chitterlings

21. Sweet Potato and Marshmallows

21. Sweet Potato and Marshmallows

22. Twinkies

22. Twinkies

23. Rocky Mountain Oysters

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Weird huh?

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