Some People Eat Really Strange Snacks. This is Ridiculous!

I don’t know how people can handle eating something like this. I think I’m going to throw up just by seeing these snacks.

You won’t want to read what’s in there.

This is the only reason why I don’t want to experiment with any food. I just want to eat something that I know its origin.

I mean… these people are eating preserved duck eggs. Can you imagine yourself eating this?

I have my colleague here beside me watching writing this text. You won’t believe but he actually said that he would love to try some of these snacks because he would never know how they taste.

Would you try something like this?

1. Flavored Larvae

1. Flavored Larvae

2. Scorpion Lollipops

2. Scorpion Lolipops

3. Fermented Shark Cubes

3. Fermented Shark Cubes

4. Dried wild fish

4. Dried wild fish

5. Shrimp Crackers

5. Shrimp Crackers

6. Potato Jelly

6. Potato Jelly

7. Prawn Cheese Spread

7. Prawn Cheese Spread

8. Prawn Cheese Spread

8. Prawn Cheese Spread

9. Every Burger Cookies

9. Every Burger Cookies

10. Clamato Tortilla Chips

10. Clamato Tortilla Chips

11. Slaty Crab Bites

11. Slaty Crab Bites

12. Seasoned Silkworm

12. Seasoned Silkworm

13. Spotted Dick

13. Spotted Dick

14. Placenta drink

14. Placenta drink

15. Sandwich in Can

15. Sandwich in Can

16. Wasabi Kit Kat

16. Wasabi Kit Kat

17. Gravy Candy

17. Gravy Candy

18. BBQ Bamboo Worms

18. BBQ Bamboo Worms

19. Prepared Shredded Squid

19. Prepared Shredded Squidd

20. Preserved Duck Eggs

20. Preserved Duck Eggs

I think I will pass eating my snacks today.

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