A Tiny Piece Of Glitter Got Stuck In Her Eye, What Happened Next Was Catastrophic. . .

Wow. This is something we should all be careful. This story is eye-opening. Literally.

Makeup lovers love their glitter. Especially now when this add-on takes a huge step forward with all those makeup artists teaching us how to use it on Instagram or Facebook.

This is a woman named Erica Diaz who will probably never use glitter again in her life. She found herself in this painful situation that brought her life into danger. All it took was a tiny piece that could’ve to give her life-threatening injuries.

As you go through the whole story, remember one thing: there is always a danger when you put something close to your eyes.

While wearing glitter eye makeup and cleaning her room, Erica Diaz felt something in her eye. It was a piece of glitter. 

Erica was urged to undergo emergency surgery to save her eye

It was probably too late as the glitter had already caused an infection. The doctors were forced to remove a part of her eye.

The pain was exhausting, and while the doctors were trying the best they could, there wasn’t a way to save her eye.

Ms. Diaz said: ‘I don’t think people understand how expensive it can be, I was on 12 different eye drops at one point, and at least one of them was $1,000.’

Her friends have started a GoFundMe page so that she can be allowed to wear a prosthetic eye.

She knows that what happened to hear is a “freak incident” (according to her) and hopes this doesn’t prevent people from using glitter ever again.

I’m not sharing this story to scare you or something like that. I want you to be more careful going further with these glitters and stuff.

Source: Daily Mail LifeBuzz

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