This Police Officer’s Act Of Kindness Will Make You Day

It’s not every day you have the opportunity to read something like this. We kind of got used to with all that violence we had in the past few weeks or months. We put on the news just to see how the officers messed the things up again with the regular people.

This time we are not here for the same reason. We are here for something good.

Seeing someone driving around in the backseat of a police car is never a good sign. You always think about that like “what the hell this person did wrong to be treated like that.”

Even though this seat is reserved for the bad guys who need to be put away from the people, the police officers sometimes use it for different purposes.

Just ask Johnni Chevonne Adams. She will tell you that police officers are the nicest people around. Her car stopped working one day and messed her daily routine and schedule.

Luckily for her, Officer Charles Draper from Huntsville, Alabama came around to save the situation. They need to be here whenever we have a problem, right?

And that’s what this officer did. He selflessly took the mom and the kids with him in the police car. Charles made sure the mom was able to get the kids to daycare and school and make her forget about the bad thing with her car by telling her jokes and funny stories.

After this, Adams used Facebook to write about this experience and publicly thank this officer for what he did for her and the kids that day.

Thanks so much to Officer Charles Draper!!! What an outstanding, compassionate individual! I had an incident with my car on the Parkway this morning. I was so upset by the time Officer Draper and the tow company arrived. Officer Draper helped me safely get my children into his car, drove my son to daycare (and gave him a stuffed animal!), drove my daughter to school, and got me to work on time! And he made me laugh the entire time, really taking the edge off of the frustration I was feeling. This guy is a class act. You can tell he truly loves to serve his community. I am so impressed. Thanks, Officer Draper! You rock!

Not all police officers are bad!

Source: LifeBuzz

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