10 unbelievable ways to use cassette tapes in your home decorating style! Creative isn’t it?

Do you remember how popular the cassette tapes were?

They used to be a symbol of the pop music era but now they are just a memory of that time.

I bet you still have few of them at home. Too emotional to throw them in the trash?

If that’s the case, you’re going to love this.

With the design ideas I am going to show you in a second, you can make them useful embedding them in your home style and interior. You think it’s impossible ha?

Here are some ideas that can help you give a new and cool look to your home (using the old cassette tapes).

Scroll below to see what this “cassette thing” is all about.

1. Floral arrangement

Cassette tape floral arrangement

Cassette tape floral arrangement2

2. Lamps

Cassette tape lamp

cassette tape lamp2

3. Photo Frame

cassette tape frame

cassette tape photo frame_1

4. Mirror

cassette tapes mirror5. Wall art

cassette tape wall_art

6.  Jewelry box

cassette tape jewelry box

7. Coat Hooks

Cassette Tape Coat Hooks

8.  Pencil holdercassette tape pencil holder

9. Room divider

Cassette tape room dividers

10. CD Holder

cassette tape CD holder

Perfect isn’t it?

Thank you!

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