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Was This Barber Wrong For Cutting A 1-Week-Old Baby’s Hair?

In this social media age a lot of women go for a full glamor makeover just before giving birth. (You gotta look fleeky for those post birth selfies right?)

I personally know of people who have had professional blowdries and their make up done in between contractions.

But a makeover for a one-week old child? What?!

A Harlem mother and a barber are being criticized for shaving the head of a one-week-old baby boy. Folks have been commenting in their thousands that the baby is just way too young.

The video shows the barber having a hard time with the haircut as the infant child wriggles around – causing viewers to be concerned the baby might get nicked by the clippers. 

His mom eventually gives him a pacifier and he stays relatively still. The Harlem barber defended himself after the video went viral.

According to him, the woman said her son’s hair needed to be cut for religious reasons and he had no choice but to respect that.

But he was still dragged for not sticking to his own convictions after initially questioning the mother’s morals. Many felt he did it for the money.


In the mother’s defence, a number of eastern cultures shave boys’ heads at young ages –though none as young as 1 week old.

Lyuba Konopasek, assistant professor of pediatrics at the New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City, told Babycenter.com, “In some cultures parents shave a newborn’s head; in others it’s customary to wait until a child can speak to cut his hair for the first time, so there’s no hard and fast rule.”

But if the woman has strict religious beliefs why didn’t she go to a temple or have a ritual ceremony? Why go to a random barber to cut her son’s hair?

Damn, the hair I have in my hair right now was cut at a temple and prayed on! Was this a vanity cut or was their really a religious reason behind it?

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