3 Dogs Saved a Soldier’s’ Life In Afghanistan. This Soldier Did The Impossible To Bring Them With Him. Watch Them Reunite Again!

Sgt. Chris Duke and all of the other fellow soldiers got extremely friendly with three dogs.

They even gave them names.

The dogs were called Sasha, Target and Rufus.

According to the soldiers these dogs were amazing with them. It was like they were their guardian angels.

That’s because they were!

When a suicide bomber wanted to enter their camp and kill 50+ soldiers, the dogs started barking very loudly.


All soldiers woke up to see what’s happening.

The dogs blocked the attack and the bomber detonated the bomb blowing himself right before entering.

All of the soldiers survived that night thanks to the heroic move of these dogs.

Sasha, one of the dogs, had the worst injuries and had to be put down. The two others survived.

What Sgt. Chris Duke did next will make you stand and salute this soldier.

Watch the whole story:

They saved his life and now it was the time to return the favor!

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