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We’ve Seen Many Dunks, But We Have Never Witnessed Something Like This. Even Blake Griffin Will be Jealous!


We needed a few minutes to settle down after we saw what happened.

Jordan Kilganon is the name of this dunk magician that got us up on our feet. He became famous on YouTube by dunking with style!


This new dunk was given a name. He calls it “Lost and Found” because…you will see why he gave it that name.

What’s important is that this kid has what it takes! For everyone who thinks the NBA Dunk Contest is getting boring we should sign a petition and get this kid in there to show the stars how it’s done.

If you want more of these insane dunks you can follow the Hoopmixtape YouTube channel.

Let’s warm up…

If someone chooses this dunk for the “Best Dunk of All Time” we won’t be mad at all!

Tank You!

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