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Dying Man Is Granted His Final Wish, And It’s Tragically Beautiful

Oh my god. I want a love like this for myself. I usually ask my husband if he is going to love me when we grow old. He laughs at me every single time, kisses me on the forehead, and tells me that was in our vows, and he is going to respect that.

It takes a lot of time, courage, respect, and generous doses of love to make something work. When you get into a relationship, you put your mind, soul, and body into it. It’s life’s job to throw obstacles and curve balls testing your patience and will to succeed.

It’s life’s job to throw obstacles and curve balls testing your patience and will to succeed.

What this couple from China had throughout their life is unbelievable. They stayed together for 66 years. Yes. You’ve read that right. 66 years and they spent their last day together lying side-by-side.

Let’s go through this incredible story.

Here is the Feng family. The 92-year-old husband and 95-year-old wife. This picture is from 66 years ago.

Retirement was going perfectly for them. They had more time to spend together.

Three generations of the Feng family in one picture

It was this sad day when both of them got hospitalized. The husband was suffering from a terminal case of heart disease. 

When he realized this could be his last day, he had this particular dying wish. He wanted to see his wife one last time.

She was on a different floor recovering from bone fractures.

However, the hospital personnel made things happen and brought the wife in his room. The couple laid next to each other holding their hands.

The meeting was all he needed to go away peacefully. He passed away two hours after seeing his wife for one more time.

Oh my god tears are rolling down my face.

This is what love truly means.

Source: Life Buzz

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