A Carpenter Found Something in a Trash Bag That Completely Changed The Life of This Family. Heartbreaking and Motivational!

This family decided to visit Ecuador few years ago. While they were there, the plan was to go to an orphanage and visit children with special needs.


That trip changed their life forever and definitely made it more beautiful and happier.

They met Eddie.


The whole story that’s now behind Eddie will make you shed a tear or two.

When he was a little baby, his parents – who probably didn’t want him to be alive, threw him away in a trash bag near a dumpster.

A carpenter noticed that the bag was moving. When he opened it up he saw this beautiful baby boy fighting for his life.

To make his life even crueler, this boy has a Down syndrome.


When the family saw the boy in the orphanage they decided to adopt him. Ever since, Eddie is living a happy life with his new parents.

Here is the story told by his wonderful mother:

This is an amazing family and as you can see, Eddie really loves being their son.

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