31 Yearbook Photos Of Your Favorite Celebrities – Wait Until You See Ryan Seacrest. . .

This is what I’ve been waiting for all season. The yearbook photos we see every year just in time.

All those changes from innocent young boys and girls to famous individuals who did their part in changing the game in their profession.

Some of them will surprise you!

1. Alice Cooper

2. Avril Lavigne

3. Axl Rose

4. Benji Madden

5. Beyoncé

6. Caitlyn Jenner

7. Courtney Love

8. Eddie Van Halen

9. Fred Durst

10. Gene Simmons

11. Jim Morrison

12. John Lennon

13. Jon Bon Jovi

14. Kid Rock

15. Kurt Cobain

16. Lil Jon

17. Madonna

18. Marilyn Manson

19. Marshall Mathers

20. Megan Fox

21. Michael Jackson

22. Ozzy Osbourne

23. Paul Stanley

24. Prince

25. Ryan Seacrest

26. Steven Tyler

27. Taylor Swift

28. Tina Turner

29. Tommy Lee

30. Trent Reznor

31. Vince Neil

Source: LifeBuzz

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