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30 Wedding Ring Tattoos That Will Inspire You To Get Some Ink

When the wedding day comes, you and your partner probably want to do something unique to make the day even more special.

Some couples travel abroad and get married. Others climb the highest mountain to say their eternal “YES,” and these people got wedding tattoos.

Just look at it as something you can never take off. I know the ring is there, but you can get it off whenever you want.

These love birds went so far that wanted to make a real commitment to each other with matching wedding finger tattoos.

And they look incredible.

If you wanted to do something similar, these wedding ring tattoos would give you a lovely inspiration.

1. A simple line of three dots

2. Awesome

3. Each other’s Initials

4. Eternal Love

5. First Letter of Each other’s Names vol.2

6. Geo Bands

7. Going Fancy

8. Harry Potter Lovers?

9. Infinite Love

10. K and Q

11. Keep it Simple

12. Key to My Heart

13. LoL

14. Love Cats

15. Lovely

16. Matching tattoos

17. Special Meaning

18. Minimalistic Diamonds

19. Pokemon Go?

20. Roman Numerals of Wedding Date

21. Royalty

22. Simple Crosses

23. Spooky

24. Symbols for Eternal Love

25. The Mr. and Mrs.

26. The Three to my Owl

27. Wedding Bands

28. Wedding Ring Place

29. You complete me Vol.2

30. You complete me

Are you considering to do something like this? – Quick. Show it to your partner.

Source: Life Buzz

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