Meet The Kid Who Was Expelled From School For Not Being Able To Learn. He is on The Verge of Winning The Nobel Peace Prize

Yeah, stories like this exist in our lovely world.

This is Jacob and he has a really nice story to tell you.

When his parents enrolled him in school they said he is not able to learn and will never succeed in learning things at school.

His parents were really concerned about this and they visited a doctor.


He confirmed that he has a disease called Aspergers and he won’t be able to learn how to tie his shoes.

I can’t imagine how it’s like to hear something like this.

The doctors did what doctors usually do and gave them a medical treatment for this boy.

However, his mother noticed something the doctors didn’t.

The mother said she noticed how he was creating maps of everything they’ve seen and visited so far.


He even memorized every street.

He has a tremendous memory that allowed him to attend university classes after learning the entire high school math program in two weeks.

Now he is about to graduate from college and he is only 14 year old.

He works on theories to keep on resolving Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Here is the special story:

Here is Jacob on TED

The doctors and teachers who didn’t believe in him should probably ask him if they are interested in a specific theory.

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