Pregnancy Always Comes As a Huge Surprise, But The Reaction From This Grandpa Is The Best Ever!

Pregnancy is the biggest surprise to the future grandparents.

They expect these news their entire life. Not a single grandparent wants to end his life without seeing and playing with his/her grandchild.

Listening to news about having a grandchild fulfills their heart and extends their life.

This family did it in a special way.

When they dropped their huge surprise the future grandparents had the most unique reactions.


The grandma couldn’t stop jumping of joy and celebrating while the grandpa didn’t express a special reaction at first.

Wait until she gets out of the room and he thinks no one is watching.

He couldn’t be more satisfied and he definitely steals the whole show.

A hidden camera was set in the room. The future parents probably knew how he could react and that’s why they did that.


He is the happiest person in the world!

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