He Lined Up 11 Horses, But Watch What Happens With The One In The Middle. Horses Can Do That?

The Super Bowl ads are the most exciting.

While some are excited to see their favorite NFL team competing for the throne, others just wait to see the ads.

30 Years ago, this Budweiser Clydesdales made their first appearance on the most watched match, the Super Bowl.

After many years, their ads are still among the best ones.

The only thing people can’t see is what happens behind the scenes.


How many times the actors in the ad need to retry the move because it wasn’t done right the first time?

This is extremely hard when animals are involved.

The video you will see next shows exactly that. You will have the opportunity to see what kind of training these horses need in order to satisfy certain needs.

Robin Wiltshire is the man who is responsible for the training.

He is awesome!



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