Did You Know Your Fingernails Hide So Much About Your Personality? Check This Out!

For many decades now, people have been saying they can tell what your personality is just by looking at you.

To be honest, I didn’t believe any of these sayings, but this moment captured my attention.

I don’t know why or how they are able to tell this, but it really makes sense.

Using Phrenology for analyzing the personality hidden in any of us, scientists were able to see deep inside ourselves.

The analyses are based on the measurements of people’s skull. This list contains analysis of how the shape of your nail can reveal your personality.

1. The vertically long nail

You’re a real romantic, you have strange but wonderful imagination, a perfectionist and easily overwhelmed. You are able to see those little things only few can notice and you get along with most people.


2. The broad-sided nail

A sharp, deep thinker but you can be short tempered sometimes. People enjoy you for your straightforwardness!


3. The “round-egg” nail

You are the happy one and huge pacifist. You enjoy doing things in a very unique way.


4. The square nail

It can be said that you are the gutsy one. Born as a natural leader. You have a serious attitude that sometimes could put people off. However, you are playful fun for everyone around you.


5. The Triangular nail

Innovative and brilliant when others demand perfection and people you meet are fascinated by you.


6. The almond nail

Most of the people really enjoy spending time with you because you find the good in them. You’re friendly, honest and faithful.


7. The sword nail

You’re ambitious, hardworking, you have your goals and nothing in this world can stop you until you meet them!


Do you agree? What personality are you?

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