This Kid Fell Hard and Broke His Hand and He Is… Happy About It? – Huh?

This is Walker and he is the happiest person on the planet.

You already know the reason why he is happy, but can you believe it?

He broke his arm when he fell off a rope swing.

His arm suffered a fracture in two places and it was hard for the doctors to fix it while he was awake.

The behavior you will see is due to the Propofol and Ketarmine. This is used when the doctors are performing surgery on kids.


One thing is for sure, Walker is feeling awesome and you are kind of jealous of him.

This reminds me of the famous “David after Dentist”.

Walker is the man and this is the funniest thing you are going to see today.

It’s amazing to start your week with this!

Can’t stop laughing!

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