This Kid Leaves a Suspicious Basket On an Escalator in a Crowded Mall. Wait Until You See Why… WOW!

Football or soccer… call it whatever you like, the passion for it is the same.

Some call it the (secondary) most important thing in the world.

When some kind of a tournament is on TV, women go crazy.

They complain how their men are not paying much attention to their needs and they are always in front of the TV.

You can’t judge a man who is in love with sports.


Every nation has its own sports they are most successful in, but we can agree that soccer (football) is a global sensation.

People across the world have awesome skills and they are not afraid to show them on video.

What we are going to see here are few guys and a girl who are going to blow your mind with their skills.

It’s not important what gender you are or how old you are… football is what connects you!

Give them a round of applause!

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