This Girl Has A Very Unusual Pet. Terrifying!

Small children love to play with puppies or cats, but not this girl. What you’ll see on the video will terrify you. If you ask me I would not show this video to my kids because they can wish for strange things on their next birthday.

Jamie Guarino, the father of this little girl, is a snake handler and his girl might have the same passion and love for snakes.

So… she kinda has a large python around her all the time. The python is named Nay-Nay and Jamie’s 14-month old girl rolls and plays on the floor with this large snake.

I got chills just by seeing this video from here.

The snake handler has a message for you. Here is the video:

[responsive_youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3qc-y24Fd4 norel]

I’m not so sure that this message will make up my mind and bring a large python at my house so my kids can play with it.

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