20 Weirdest and Awesome Things You Definitely Didn’t Know They Exist Somewhere

Have you ever thought about something that seemed totally normal and useful for you but never had a chance to search for it?

This happened to me couple of times and I know someone else is thinking or doing that very same thing.

Few days later, I find the very same thing I was thinking about published somewhere for sale or placed under the wish list.

Well, we have couple of things here you probably didn’t know they existed. You will be amazed and probably feel a little bit weird after you see these pictures.

Here we go:

1. This

1. This

2. Brilliant

2. Briliant

3. Rolling office

3. Rolling office


4. All black chicken

5. Drag racing anyone?

5. Drag racing anyone?

6. Salsa hat

6. Salsa hat

7. The Giant Koala

The Giant Koala, Dadswells Bridge, Victoria. November, 2004.

8. Selfie shoes?

8. Selfie shoes?

9. Huh?

9. Huh?

10. Wow

10. wow

11. Charity Arcade

11. Charity Arcade

12. Banana Addicts

12. Bannana Adicts

13. Smartphone addicts… you are welcome!

13. Smartphone adicts... you are welcome!

14. This is funny

14. This is funny

15. Awesome looking tie

15. Awesome looking tie

16. Great Invention

16. Great invention

17. No coins

17. No coins

18. Nomnomnomnom

18. Nomnomnomnom

19. Old McDonalds had a …

19. Winter gloves

20. Right

20. Right

Strange huh?

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