A Woman Wanted to Buy Groceries, But Watch Closely What The Cashier Will Do…Incredible!

Doing something good that will make others happy is the best thing ever.

Rob and Mike decided to join forces and make someone the happiest person in the world.

They emptied their pockets and got together approximately $400.

With the cash they headed right to the grocery store in Ohio.

Their first stop was the checkout counter where they met 15 people waiting in line.

They paid for their groceries!

All of the customers were surprised of how great these two people are.

Right after this video has been uploaded, it went viral!

What’s more to this, they sparked a movement all around the world.

Receiving messages from strangers explaining how this motivated and inspired them to do the same act of kindness was probably the best thing ever.

Both of them hope that this action will continue and encourage people to do the same.

Watch the whole video. Pay attention to the woman who explains her struggle in life and asked god to send her a sign.

Mike…Rob… you are the best!

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