People’s Reaction When This Man Cuts Himself in Half is Priceless. Don’t Worry He is a Magician!

We already have one magician that left us without words. I don’t know if you caught him, but if not, here is your chance to do it:

This Magician Came From Nowhere, Stunned the Whole Crowd and Judges and Left. Do You Believe in Magic?

When I see magicians who are dedicated to their work and how they make the impossible things possible, I subconsciously believe in everything.

I know some of you will say that’s only an illusion, there is no such thing as magic, these people know how to create illusions, etc.


Yeah, I can agree with all of this, but why can’t we all learn that stuff? I mean, if they have learned it, why can other people do it?


Anyway, we are not here to talk about learning the process and all of that, we are here to see what this person did to freak these poor people out.


Let’s watch:

If you didn’t recognize him he is Andy Gross, a well-known magician.

What will you do if something like this happens to you?!

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