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If You Want To Drive Somebody Nuts, These Pranks Should Help You. Oh This is Evil!

April Fool’s Day has passed and I know you used some of our pranks to fool your friends.

Maybe this day is behind us, but the pranks will never end!

We all have these people in our lives that are literally asking to be pranked. They are always poking you with something annoying.

Well, it’s probably the perfect time for them to see the real person they are messing with.

If you want to drive them nuts these pranks will definitely help you do it.

The best thing here is that they won’t find the person who did it, so you are totally covered.

You can always leave a note who did it, of course.

1. Fake parking ticket

1. Fake parking ticket

2. How to drive tech addict nuts

2. How to drive tech addict nuts

3. Treats for your kids

3. Treats for your kids

4. The good old colleague prank

4. The good old colleague prank

5. It’s going to be long and cold night

5. It's going to be long and cold night

6. Mess with your kid а little bit

6. Mess with your kids little bit

7. Give your kids a night to remember

8. Give your kids a night to remember

8. If your roommate wants to stop eating at night

9. If your roomate wants to stop eating at night

9. Office prank

10. Office prank

10. Yeah…Pure Ice Cream

11. Yeah...Pure ice

11. Surprise!


12. Replace mayo with pudding

12. Replace mayo with pudding

13. Oh wait that’s mean. Who cares!

13. Oh wait that's mean. Who cares!



14. Heartbreaking

14. Heartbreaking

15. Special Surprise

16. Extreme Wake up prank

17. Oh well…

18. Please don’t do this…


19. You trippin’?

20. BURN!

21. Evil refrigerator

Pure evil!

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