A Woman Victim of Domestic Abuse Bravely Speaks About Her Struggle and Tough Life. So Touching!

Day by day we are seeing women who are victims of domestic violence.

It’s rare to see them speaking openly about it. They are scared!

If a woman tells that her life partner abuses her there is a huge chance he will beat her up to death.

I don’t know what kind of man hits a woman.


He must be some sort of an animal.

This is Emma Murphy and as you can see by her eye, she is a victim.

She will explain everything in the video below.

Saying that her kids were the only reason why she decided to speak openly and hoping that someone else will do the same and break the silence gave me tears.

Listen to her heartbreaking story.

I know there are others who are experiencing the same thing out there. Don’t be afraid and speak against domestic abuse!

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