This is a Perfect Example of What Happens When Men Are Left Home Alone to Babysit. Can’t Stop Laughing!

Women… if you leave your husband or brother home alone with your kid, there is a big chance something like this will happen.

We are born to do this.

I have my nephew running around the house and I can’t wait to play with him.

Maybe I’m not so innovative like this dude on the video, but I try my best.

Leaving your baby home with the uncle can be really tricky.


The mother usually spends an hour explaining what NOT to do while babysitting.

I can’t imagine what’s in the mother’s head while she is out of the house.

She probably imagines how her baby is drinking beer, smoking cigars and eating chips.

Well… reality is different, but it’s true that uncles have some playful ideas in their mind when they are left home alone.

Watch what happened here:

Both of them had fun right?

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