This 9-Year-Old Is Funding His Own Adoption With His Lemonade Stand Money

What an unbelievable story about a 9-year-old kid who earns money just to pay for his adoption.

Many kids across America are selling Lemonade or their old toys just to make some money to buy something new and cooler.

But not Tristan Jacobson. The purpose for his lemonade stand is different and will make you shed a tear or two.

He was living with his legal guardian, Donnie Davis, since Tristan was only 3-months-old. Even though she loved him as her own son, Donnie had to give the custody back to Tristan’s bio-mother.

The time spent with his real mom was short. She was doing things that harmed Tristan and her second child. Donnie was watching everything from close range. She didn’t like the whole situation and fought back to received the custody back for Tristan.

He was 5 when Tristan came back to live with Davis. He has been with her ever since. Davis is his legal guardian, and now she wants to adopt him legally.

The problem? – The fees for something like this are up to $10,000.

“Anything I could downgrade to save money, I did,” Davis said in an interview with ABC News. The family got cheap cell phones and Internet, and even canceled their summer vacation.

Of course, a fighter like Tristan couldn’t stand aside and watch things developing. He wanted to help by setting up a lemonade stand.

On top of that, the family set up a yard sale. They raised $7,100. Tristan’s lemonade stand was responsible for $6,500.

A young entrepreneur!

“We had people drive over two-and-a-half hours to come see Tristan,” Davis said

There was even a man who heard about this on the radio and drove from Chicago to California just to see him.

It’s awesome what a touching story can do for the other people.

Source: LifeBuzz

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