Only A Few Parents Can Watch This Video To Its Very End. Don’t Worry…Everything is Fine

Childcare is probably the deepest topic where different opinions meet.

Every parent has a different method of how things should be done, whether it’s for the food they need to eat while they are breastfeeding their child or what happens afterwards.

There are just a few parents who can watch this video and find out what will happen next.

You might be concerned about this baby’s health, but let me tell you that everything will be just fine.

This is a routine developed by Sonia Rochel.


She is a Parsian newborn nurse and she is very good at her work.

After many years of experience from working with newborns, she established a caress-bathing routine that cleans and relaxes the baby.

The whole bath lasts up to 15 minutes and is reserved for babies who are not older than two months.

Watch what happens:

They look so peaceful.

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