Street Performer “Drums Out” Techno Music Using Drum Sticks, Woks and Buckets. AWESOME!

I can’t understand one thing… how did these people end up playing great music on the streets?

There are many unique artists who can play some serious music.

Why don’t they just join forces and make a band?

Maybe some questions don’t deserve the answer, but I really want to know.

This is Dario Rossi and he is a drummer.

Keep in mind though, he is not a drummer as the ones you are used seeing on TV.

He is unique!

For these amazing performances, Dario uses drummer sticks, woks and buckets.

He doesn’t need drums to show that he can play real music.

I hope some bands who are searching for drummers can recognize his work and take him with them.

You can find him playing the drums at Piazza del Popolo in Rome.

He plays techno dude…

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