5 Amazing TIPS Plus 5 Amazing Mobile Apps That Will Make You a Better Music Artist

Seeing many music shows and future music stars made me do this post.

Many of you don’t know the power of your smartphone or tablet.

You don’t have to have a very expensive equipment to record the perfect audio or song.

I bet you are reading this on your smartphone.

Well, you are holding your equipment in your hands right now.

Don’t worry, I’m going to share few tips how you can take the best of it.

Let’s jump in:

Eliminate the distractions


You have lots of applications that will distract you from recording the perfect audio.

All those notifications and messages can ruin everything.

Recording an audio for your next song is a serious thing so make sure you turned off the phone and messaging capabilities before you start recording.

Configure your smartphone/tablet


Most of the times these fancy new smartphones come with the lowest quality factory settings for recording.

That’s because they are made to save space.

Don’t worry about space because you are going to transfer everything on your computer.

Increase the recording quality and you can always compress it during post-production.

There are applications that come equipped with set-for-recording settings.

Calculate your surroundings


Every room gives you different surrounding.

It’s very easy to hear those little sounds created by something in your room.

Take short audio recording just to sample all the sounds in the room.

That way you will become aware of all of them after you listen to the recording.

This advance care can take you on the right way.

External Microphone


Almost every smartphone or tablet comes with an output jack.

Although all devices have their own microphones, the external one will give you more quality.

These microphones come with sensitivity control that will give you more flexibility for making great recordings.

Use tape in loud environments

Yeah, you heard me right.

When you have to record in a loud event, the sound might get ruined from the surrounding.

Using a bit of tape and placing it over the smartphone’s microphone will mute the input and record sounds that will be beyond the sensitivity range of the microphone.

It’s important for you to know that different kinds of tape will give you different results.

Now… when we know all the tips we need to record a song, let’s see the apps that could make the process easier.

Click on them and they are ready for download.



For all the songwriters.



This is the music player you can always use without looking at it.



Using it, you can generate all different types of everyday sounds. Check it out..it’s awesome!



It will give you complete control over the sound of your music.

Customize your song and make it perfect with all those customizable options.

FiddleWax (Blue and Yellow)


The “Blue” version will give you several different instruments while the “Yellow” version is designed more for the vocalists.



Sittinonmusic is a fun app that allows users to be their own producers. Listen and download beats in different genres and get creative.

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