This Manila Security Guard Will Fascinate You With His Angel Voice

Sometimes I feel so ready to become a singer, but when I hear my voice I’m getting a headache right away.

Don’t say that I’m not that bad because I am.

There are so many singing shows like the American Idol, America’s Got Talent and The Voice and we’ve seen numerous people who are born to sing!

We won’t show you anything from these shows because you’ve probably seen them all.

What we are going to show you is a random security guard who can sing. While on the job, he felt that he could sing a song that will melt your heart.

Call him if you want someone to sing a serenade under the balcony of your loved one.

Here is what he can do with his voice:

[responsive_youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVwWQEJz4iA norel]

Some people are really talented.

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