These Amazing Travel Hacks Will Prepare You For Summer Vacations

Mayday … mayday… mayday… summer is coming!

Oh I can’t wait these days to come and there isn’t anything that can replace them.

Beaches, cocktails, sun, water…you name it.

The main question right here is: are you ready to go on a summer vacation? I guess not.

These travel hacks are what you need for this vacation.

We made sure everything is packed for you for the upcoming summer vacation. From packing your suitcase to keeping your headphones from tangling, these hacks are something you missed your entire life.

Getting ready for summer vacation doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Wrap the shoes in a shower cap when packing your suitcase


Authorize your credit/debit card for vacation purchases


Store all cables in the sunglasses case in order to keep everything in place


An empty water bottle is easy to refill after you pass security


Search for flights or booking using private browsing


Roll your clothes to avoid wrinkles and save space in our suitcase


A Tic Tac container will keep your bobby pins


If you forgot your wall plug-in for your phone charger, check behind the Hotel TV where you can find the U.S. port


Or you can just ask the hotel if they have a charger to borrow


A dryer sheet in your suitcase will keep your clothes smelling fresh


A pill container is the best storage for your jewelry


A portable phone charger is a life (phone) savor when you are not near a wall plug


A cereal container can be your trash can for your car


A shower caddy can be great for storing your food while you travel


One app to rule them all: Google Maps!


If you are heading to the beach you better store your phone in a plastic bag. You don’t want your phone wet


Use blinder clips to protect razors when you are traveling


Scan your passports and ID and email them to yourself. You will keep a digital copy just in case you lose them.


Prevent bottles from leaking in your luggage by placing plastic wraps over the container and seal the cap


If you want to take small amount of lotions you can put them in contact cases


To keep your headphones tangle free wrap them on old gift cards


Very useful!

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