They Thought She Was Dead Then Her Sister Blew Raspberries On Her Tummy. . .

Sometimes doctors don’t have the proper solution to a disease. They spent their lifetime learning and dealing with countless situations. However, the medicine can’t explain some things that are happening in real life.

They spent their lifetime learning and dealing with countless situations. However, the medicine can’t explain some things that are happening in real life.

No, I’m not talking only for the incurable diseases. I’m talking about trying some traditional things that come from our ancestor times and seem to work.

Like blowing up raspberries on the tummy and bringing back a dead infant back to life.

Have you heard about that? – Me neither. It came natural and it worked. Let’s go through the story.

Poppy Smith was brought to this world on December 17, 2014, weighing just 2 pounds

She was living her first three months in the neonatal ward

On top of being born premature, Poppy was suffering from Moebius Syndrome

It’s a rare disease that attacks the facial muscles. The cause is still unknown

These kids, with a mask expression, have a hard time eating and breathing

Doctors said she could never walk or talk like a typical girl

However, the little girl is a natural born fighter going against the odds

“We managed to get her off her feeding tube around her first birthday and throughout 2016, she was just getting better every day,” Stephen says.

A few days before she turns two, Amy saw that her toddler didn’t respond when she was waking her up

“We could feel her heartbeat, but she was unresponsive. We knew there was something seriously wrong,” Stephen recalls. “She was breathing but she was sort of gasping for air.”

She was transferred to the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool

Her parents rejoiced as she was improving day-by-day. Right after the doctors removed the breathing ventilator, she got worse

“Her eyes were starting to roll to the back of her head. A chest x-ray showed that her lungs were full of fluid and she had another respiratory arrest,” Stephen says.

“That night she started to develop twitches and seizures. She was deteriorating fast.”

The Devastating News

The doctors revealed to the parents that Poppy suffered a hypoxic brain damage and wasn’t sure if she is going to survive. The hopeless family transferred her to The Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh searching for a solution.

The family said that she wasn’t responding to anything. It was she is already dead.

Local musicians even recorded a music album to raise funds for Poppy

Just in time when the family went to Mass on Christmass Eve, Elisha, 12, leaned over her sister and did something Incredible

“That was the amazing moment when she laughed, as Macey blew a raspberry on her belly,” Stephen shares.

“It was astonishing. We found out afterwards that it wasn’t uncommon for people in this state to show emotion, but to us it seemed like she was responding,” says Stephen who admits they all felt hopeful afterwards.

“Then there were little twitches on her arms and legs,” Stephen says. “Doctors said it could be spinal reflexes, but I felt like it was so much more.”

Since that moment, Poppy started to make progress. She learned to speak and shocked the doctors and started crawling and learning to walk, as well And now she goes through the rehabilitation process. Doctors still can’t believe what’s happening.

“They say that she shouldn’t be doing what she is doing. They are so glad she is, but they didn’t think she would. She’s proving them all wrong,” Stephen admits.

No one knows what happened that day, but we are all glad that it fixed the problem.

Source: LifeBuzz

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