A Man Refused To Give This Woman a Cigarette and She Lit His Car on Fire. What?

Everyday I get surprised of the actions of some people. I just can’t figure out how they live through a single day when they are capable of doing something like this.

This guy who came to fill up the tank of his car in a gas station and continue his journey will remember the day when he stayed alive.

A woman came to him asking for a cigarette and after he refused to give one, she cold-bloodedly lit his car on fire.

We won’t talk about the worst things that could’ve happened if that fire continued to the pumps.

The man saved the day when he removed the pump from his car preventing the fire from spreading to the gas station.

Here is the full video:


Thankfully nobody was hurt. His brother was in the passenger seat and is okay now.

But the car though…


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