Fat Joe Parenting 101: “Crossing that thin line of spoiling your child”

Today we did something different.

We have a celebrity guest, sharing his 2 cents when it comes to parenting.

Mr. Fat Joe himself.


Having my third child, I have some practice in parenting skills.

With Azy, she is my first daughter and like my mini-me, so it’s tough not giving in to Azy asking for something.

Joe and Azy Pic

The difference in Lorena and my parenting skills is although we do put Azy in lots of after school activities and shower her with things that a child her age would want,  she knows that imaginary line is not to be crossed.

We enforce boundaries where we don’t need to make hollow threats of discipline.

We live in a beautiful home on the water in Miami Beach, but in the drop of a dime, Azy knows we can revert back to being real South Bronx on her and taking EVERYTHING away in a flash with the exception of her school work and book bag.

Some of her friends are of celebrity parents…..

Not so much!

Some of them can be bad influences, but as long as that aroma lingers in the air, we have a blessing as a child.

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