Bullies Said She Was Too ‘Fat’ To Be A Model… But Look At Her Now!

Take that… bullies!

This gorgeous young lady is Tess Holliday, and she is this victim of bullies that were saying offensive things hurting her ego and self-confidence.

Her first child just celebrated his first birthday, but Tess had this tough time believing that new moms can be super sexy. That’s okay because even the most confident woman can have her own “down time” and struggle to accept her body after giving birth to a child.

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If you check her Instagram page, you will notice that Tess is a well-respected female with over 1.4 million followers. All of them are giving her positive vibes that move her forward in her life. However, Tess recently posted a selfie with an important message to self:

In less than 15 hours, this Instagram post got over 33k likes and 370+ comments. Even though this was a post that needed to be a note only to herself, lots of new moms found themselves in the same story. They needed this reminder for the real worth of life.

“I’ve always been a big girl, but now, at 20 weeks pregnant, I feel more unattractive and less desirable than I ever have,” one follower wrote in the comments. “Your words mean so much to me today.”

Another mom posted something similar:

“Since I’ve had littles, I’ve felt the need to put myself on the back burner for everyone else. I forgot to love myself,” she wrote.

Watching the response made Tess engage with all of her followers. She was giving pieces of advice to other women reminding them to keep their head up and continue to do what they do best. She wrote this to a woman:

“I’m fortunate to have a partner that tells me I’m sexy often, but if you aren’t feeling it, it doesn’t sink in,” Tess wrote. “Just remember this is all temporary, these icky feelings will go away. Just dig deep & hold your head high.”

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As you can see, her approach is working pretty well.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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