They Said Don’t Play With Fire, But These Tricks Are Absolutely Amazing! WOW!

Before you see the video with these amazing fire tricks please be careful if you decide to try them at your home.

Make sure you are not doing these tricks alone in order to avoid any damage. Thank you!

Now, I didn’t know fire could be an interesting “thing” that can keep you entertained.

This guy showed 10 tricks you could pull off with fire. I had no idea fire can do things like this.

He starts with what its called traveling flame using a lighter, candle and candleholder


He continues with the rising water experiment


The crayon candle trick will keep you focused


Next up is the burning ping pong balls trick


This is the candle seesaw trick


Have you seen fire in a bottle?


Lets make this pipe sing


Black snake


Be careful with the fire tornado


Last but not least, the steel wool fire!


Here is the full video with these amazing fire tricks!

Interesting huh?

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