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25 Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses For Rock Star Brides

If you want to skip the traditional wedding dresses, you are going to love these outfits. To be honest, I hear lots of women saying that they are tired of the traditional white grown. It’s stunning, but sometimes we feel like we see the same wedding over and over again.

Come on, it’s 2017, and we need to be more authentic.

You can go on with your plans, but put a little tweak that will make your guests cherish your idea. I know, I know there are rules that you need to follow. But think about this. It’s your wedding. Don’t listen to anyone. Especially not your parents because they will set up their preferences.

Your mother will never understand and agree to wear something like this.

Before you become so judgemental, take a look at these non-traditional wedding dresses. They are equally stunning.

If you have a wedding coming up, you are welcome!

1. Victorian Gothic Wedding Dress

2. Two Piece Bridal Ensemble

3. Superhero Edition

4. Sparkly Wedding Dresses

5. Something Blue

6. Sequins Galore

7. Pop of Color

8. Modern Hippie

9. Minimal Chic

10. Marilyn Monroe

11. Major Flair

12. Hint of Color or Dip Dye Bridal Dress

13. Glorious Gold

14. Geometric Cutouts

15. Floral Print

16. Embroidered Patterns

17. Crop Top Wedding Gown

18. Colorful Layered Tulle

19. Champagne Wedding Dress


21. Bridal Pantsuits

22. Bridal Jumpsuits

23. Bold and Daring

24. Boho Chic

25. Blushed Out


Source: LifeBuzz

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