10 Simple, But Proven Ways to Stay Fit Throughout The Year. You Need This!

Staying fit throughout the year is a really hard thing to do.

Sometimes you just want to take a break from everything and just relax.

Being fit comes with several responsibilities like going to the gym, cardio workouts, home workouts and most importantly the nutrition.

I’ve heard many fitness trainers say that staying fit means healthy nutrition.

Abs are made in the kitchen and then in the gym!

Even though this is one of the hardest things to do, you can do it!

I know you can.

You just need to have the perfect schedule and follow it.

Being able to understand that there is time for everything is crucial.

I have 10 simple, but very effective tips that will help you stay fit and healthy.

Let’s begin:

Healthy Diet


I said this earlier, but I will repeat it 100 times if needed.

Your body is like a machine if you don’t treat it right there is a 99% chance it will get rusty.

“You are what you eat” hides huge truth.

This machine needs all the right ingredients. Your bod begs for healthy and nutritional food.

Take a full advantage of all organic products available through the whole year and stay fit.

French fries are tasty and go as the best addition to every food, but eating right and exercising are wonderful addition to staying fit and healthy.

What would you choose?

Short-Term goals


We all aim long. I will be wrong if I tell you that I didn’t do it.

Staying fit throughout the year is a long-term goal.

However, focusing on short-term goals really improves our health and fitness throughout the year.

How? – Simple.

How many of you started in the gym couple of months before going to the beach?

That many? – Your short-term goal was looking good on the beach right?

Your next short term goal should be staying fit during the vacation time and after the summer period.

Just do what you did before the beach. Keep your motivation and focus!

Scenery changes


No one told you this before? – Keep moving and keep changing.

The winter weather might make it hard for you to run, ride your bike, walk or train outside, but there are ways you can stay fit.

You will be more present in the gym than before, but you are doing it for your body.

Move from the stationary bike through the treadmill and finish off with the indoor track.



Don’t give up because it’s boring.

I’m not going to lie because that’s how it is. Doing the same stuff over and over again could get on your nerves.

That’s why … let me welcome you to variations.

Try different exercises, do yoga, visit dancing classes, maybe you’ll find yourself in cross-fit.

Keep that blood flowing by trying different things.

Emergency food


Fast food is not an emergency.

I don’t care how hungry you are. If you get stuck in a rush hour or a meeting you will get hungry.

Running to the nearest fast-food restaurant won’t do you good.

Keep your emergency stack somewhere close to you.

Your briefcase, car, office, purse… anything. Use them as a storage unit.

There are millions of healthy and quick snacks you can prepare.

Workout buddy


Remember when I told you that it can get boring? – If you have a workout body… you are okay.

Your fitness friend is your support, friend, motivation in the right moments.

The buddy who will tell you: “Meet me at 10am for the gym” when you are don’t feel like going.

Of course, you’ll do the same thing for him.

Mixing cardio and strength training


Who said something about maximizing the results?

You want maximum of everything you do? – You are at the right place my friend.

Focus on supersets and trim down the rest periods usually found in most of the routines you do.

While doing supersets, choose only two muscle groups and one alternate between those two without resting.

Try it and tell me about results later.

Core workout


These are good exercises.

Your abdominal muscles need these exercises in order to stay fit to the core!

Control your portions


It’s not always how well you eat.

Sometimes it’s everything about how much you are able to eat.

Your favorite pasta can still be present in your diet, but the thing is you have to limit it.

You can always increase the amount of vegetables. No harm will be done there.

Treat yourself


This is the best part.

After a long week of training and nutritional commitment, it’s time to award yourself with something that will relax you.

Get the spa weekend running as soon as possible.

If you are not able to do that, visiting a massage therapist once in a week helps a lot!

Try these things and share the results with us.

We’ll be waiting!

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