You Will Be Melted By Her Cuteness, But Her Talent Will Blow You Away. OMG She is Only 5-Years Old!

Meet Heavenly Joy… Yes, that’s her name.

When she stepped on that stage we were all stunned by how cute she is. This little girl started right away with introducing her to the judges.

She said they call her Hev…

I would’ve go with Joy, but she is adorable either way.

What’s interesting about her is that her reactions were completely cool.


While most of the contenders are nervous and shaky, she already had plans about the million dollars she could win.

That made her completely different than the others.

When asked when she started singing and taping, she answered when she was 1 year old.

She is funny, positive and she loves what she does.

A bright future shines bright above her.

Here is her performance on America’s Got Talent.

She is adorable!

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