This United Airlines Flight Turn Out To Be a Nightmare For This Family After They Got Kicked Out because of their Autistic Daughter

This big happy family was flying back home from their vacation. They got on a flight for Oregon where their home is.

What happened next will stop your heart and make you angry!


This mother was just trying to give her daughter a warm meal. She asked the flight attendant for some hot sandwiches, but she refused to give them because “that was all they had”.

When the male flight attendant approached to see what’s the problem, the mother was literally begging him for a hot plate from first class. He refused!


After 40 minutes they finally gave her daughter the meal she was asking for.

What happened next will blow your mind.

This video clearly shows that they have been removed from the plane.


The pilot decided to make an emergency landing in Salt Lake City in order to get this family out of the plane. Police officers came and asked them to leave. The explanation was that the captain of the plane didn’t feel so comfortable flying to Portland with them on the flight.

Follow this link if you want to see the whole story on KPTV

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