This is How a Cup of Tea Looks Like In These Countries. The Difference Will Amaze You

We know we are all different, but ordering a cup of tea should be the same for all of us right?

Well, if you visit all of these countries you will see below and order the same cup of tea you will get something different and eye-catching.

I’m a huge fan of these different cultures and as an adventurist I always want to experience something new.

If you visit a city or a country and you do not try the traditional meal you can’t say that you have visited that place.

Let’s see what kind of tea will welcome you in these countries:

1. Japan

1. India

2. India

2. India

3. Britain

3. Britain

4. Turkey

4. Turkey

5. Tibet

5. Tibet

 6.  Morocco

6. Morocco

7. Hong Kong

7. Hong Kong

8. Taiwan

8. Taiwan

9. Kuwait

9. Kuwait

10. Russia

10. Russia

11. Pakistan

11. Pakistan

12. Thailand

12. Thailand

13. China

13. China

14. Egypt

14. Egypt

15. Mongolia

15. Mongolia

16. Kenya

16. Kenya

17. South Africa

17. South Africa

18. Qatar

18. Qatar

19. Mauritania

19. Mauritania

20. Malaysia

20. Malaysia

21. Argentina

22. Argentina

22. USA



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