This Girl Tells Her Father He is a Liar in this Heartwarming Story. It Made Me Roll Down a Tear

Kids love their parents. They are their superheroes!

Why superheroes? Because they are always here to make the tastiest breakfasts, brush their hair, help them with their homework, bring them to bed when they pass out on the couch in front of the TV, etc.

They are everything a kid needs to have in their lives.

This little girl knows that and she is not afraid to show that. She shares a letter with her father to let him know how much she loves him.

But, there is a breathtaking turn of events when she tells him that he is a liar.

Let’s see this video:

I will be honest with you. This video made me roll down a few tears.

This story is part of a campaign for helping parents to save for their kids to get an education.

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