Someone Made These Statues To Look Like Celebrities, but Failed Miserably. Close Enough!

Who created these statues? – What was he thinking when he accepted the job?

I don’t know if some of these celebrities, at least those who are alive, saw the statues because I want to see their reaction.

I plan on calling or sending them these pictures just to see if they can recognize themselves.

These statues are so bad that celebrities probably want to pay someone in order to remove them.

If you haven’t seen what are the worst statues of celebrities, here is your chance now.

1. The Beatles

1. The Beatles

2. Tiger Woods

2. Tiger Woods

3. Agatha Christie

3. Agatha Christie

4. Johann Straus

4. Johann Straus

5. Jerry Seinfeld

5. Jerry Seinfeld

6. Jennifer Lopez

6. Jennifer Lopez

7. Michael Jackson

7. Michael Jackson

8. Lucille Ball

8. Lucille Ball

9. Benedict Cumberbatch

9. Benedict Cumberbatch

10. Oscar Wilde

10. Oscar Wilde

11. Ronaldo

11. Ronaldo

12. Winston Churchill

12. Winston Churchill

13. Salvador Dali

13. Salvador Dali

14. William Shakespeare

14. William Shakespeare

15. Johnny Depp

15. Johnny Depp

16. Elvis Presley

16. Elvis Presley

17.  Colin Firth

17. Colin Firth

18. Andy Murray

18. Andy Murray


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