Newborn Babies in Finland Sleep in Cardboard Boxes and The Reason? WHOA!

Just imagine what could be the answer when these kids ask their parents did the stork bring them to life? “No my beloved son/daughter, you came in a box”.

Now let’s get down to the details.


Hundreds of years ago, Finland was struggling to keep the infant mortality rate down. The numbers were devastating and they really needed a fast solution to this problem.

Experts came with a baby box.


Every parent in Finland was able to receive one of these boxes and they were obligated to schedule a doctor’s visit before their little baby is 4 months old.

These boxes include blankets, mittens, hairbrushes, towels and more. They were used as a baby’s first crib!

The box is sent to the parents in order to make sure that the children were receiving all the care they need for living healthy during infancy. This program came out with brilliant results as it made Finland one of the countries with lowest infant-mortality numbers in the whole world.

Finland was even listed as a best place to be a mother.


Here is the video that will explain how these boxes save lives:



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