These are The Most Dangerous Paths Kids Take To School. OMG Don’t Look Down!

This is the scariest thing I’ve seen in my life. These brave little kids need to take these paths twice a day in order to get to school and home after classes.

The will these kids have to get the proper knowledge is enormous. They know that going to school is a real luxury in some countries.

It’s hard for them to go through these dangerous paths, but driven from their passion for learning something new, they forget how hard it is.

Parents, you are blessed if your kids can take the bus to school!

1. Gulu, South West China

1. Gulu, South West China


2. Zhang Jiawan Village, Southern China

2.  Zhang Jiawan Village, Southern China

3. Zanskar, Indian Himalayas

3. Zanskar, Indian Himalayas

4. Lebak, Indonesia

4. Lebak, Indonesia

5. Rio Negro River, Colombia

5. Rio Negro River, Colombia

6. Riau, Indonesia

6. Riau, Indonesia

7. Nongsohphan Village, India

7. Nongsohphan Village, India

8. Myanmar

8. Myanmar

9. Beldanga, India

9. Beldanga, India

10. Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province, China

10. Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province, China

11. Pangururan, Indonesia

11. Pangururan, Indonesia

12. Sri Lanka

12. Sri Lanka

13. Delhi, India

13. Delhi, India

14. Cilangkap Village, Indonesia

14. Cilangkap Village, Indonesia

15. Sumatra, Indonesia

15. Sumatra, Indonesia

16. Rizal Province, Philippines

16. Rizal Province, Philippines


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