This Guy’s Disastrous Snapchat Story Shows Why You Should Never Mess With Wildlife!

Wildlife is not something you would want to mess with. Especially when you are in their neighborhood. Just ask this guy. He is here to answer your questions through his Snapchat stories.

It was a beautiful day in the woods as he wanted to document everything he sees. Everything was fine until he saw this beautiful geese family.

Awesome, right?

He seemed pretty relaxed before the things started to get very intense. Before he had a chance to wrap this day up with a positive thought, he ended up running for his life.

But, let’s not discover all the things at the beginning. Let the man speak for himself about his experience with the wildlife.

Here is the Snapchat user that goes by the name of oh_myjosh69

The scene was beautiful and perfect for an amazing Snapchat story!

Here is the beautiful family of 6 I was telling you about

The selfie of the century

And now he turns into Usain Bolt

Don’t worry. He is safe!

Wait. That’s not the end of his journey. Now he is lost

This happened.

And this. OMG, the look on his face is epic.

Even his abs started popping out

He is back!

You can sense how happy he is

But, a familiar face has found him

I forgot to tell you that he decided to mess with the wildlife on Friday the 13th. So, he was in a deeper trouble right from the beginning.

We are glad he came out safe from the journey.

Source: LifeBuzz

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